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Comment on "Getting Answers on Cocoa Mailing Lists"
by Uli Kusterer — Nov 22
Scott, one thing you may want to mention is that it also helps to write English. I often go into Cocoa-Dev to relax and do something different from everyday work, and if I'm exhausted and then I get a message like:

Subject: Newbie needs help!
can u tell me y NSDictionary is broken?

my mood usually ends up in the gutter and I fire off an RTFM answer. I usually pull back the message and it doesn't get sent and I just turn off the computer and do something entirely different, but occasionally one gets out despite my best intentions. So, sometimes the difference between getting a polite and informative answer or an annoyed brush-off is taking the time to think of the people that have to *read* an e-mail, and to actually type those 3 characters even though on IRC one would do.

That's obviously no excuse for me being easily annoyed.
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