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Comment on "PlayStation 3"
by John — Mar 11
We just picked up a 40GB PS3 this past weekend. We got it mostly as a BR player, since most BR players are >= the cost of the PS3, and if blueray succumbs to download movies, at least we can play games on the darn thing. :-)

We already had a Wii and 360, and comparatively the PS3 setup seemed very unintuitive and perhaps even amateurish. The Wii and XBox settings are pretty simple to get to and figure out. PS3 on the other hand started out in standard definition with a background that made the menus rather hard to read. Changing audio outputs caused the audio to stop working entirely for 20 minutes or so. The setup process of the PS3 compared to both the Wii and 360 was pretty poor.

On the plus side, the thing is quiet. Very quiet. Perhaps because of the bigger case, but the BR drive is significantly quieter than the Wii's drive, and of course doesn't approach the jet-engine-decibel-level of the 360. We picked up Lego Star Wars, and it is a neat game, but haven't watched a BR on the PS3 yet, though we picked up a few for next weekend.

Overall, the UI for the PS3 (IMO) is a fair bit more clumsy than either the Wii or 360 (never thought I'd give the 360 UI points), but as a blueray-player++, it'll probably turn out to be a pretty decent system.
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