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Comment on "iPhone SDK"
by david — Mar 16
To say that I find the iPhone SDK to be a bit interesting is an understatement. Since I'm new the Apple fold I have a few questions.

1. When it comes to downloading the SDK is there a way to get Safari to pick up a partial download from where it was last interrupted? To say the least it is a big file, something that I would normally use wget to get.

2. Does the SDK and frame works make use of Objective C 2.0? I have a Mac now to provide me some latitude with respect to learning Objective C but need to know if it makes sense to do that with the most recent version of Objective C. I guess once I get the SDK this won't be an issue.

3. What is up with the BlueTooth stack. Without breaking NDA is there any sign that Apple will start to support some of the more common profiles that BlueTooth supports? There is a huge umber of potential apps that could be developed if this issue would be resolved.

I hope these questions from a iPhone novice aren't to much of a distraction. Thanks Guys
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