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Comment on "Getting Answers on Cocoa Mailing Lists"
by Nat — Nov 22
My peeve in queries like this is the word "work" -- any permutation of "didn't work", "stopped working", "how can I get it to work", etc., usually elides necessary information about the desired outcome, forcing a followup question. I still do it myself occasionally (hard habit to break; its meaninglessness is proportionate to its handiness), but I yank it out in editing.

A web-page based forum would be far better than old-fashioned mailing lists like these.

Old-fashioned, my ass. Web-based fora are only much good for hit-and-run questions, and they're useless to search once they get bigger than my pinkie. High transaction costs in joining and leaving mailing lists keep them useful communities to far larger groups, for far longer, than forum sites. cocoa-dev may have busted the ceiling, though.
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