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Comment on "Welcome to the 64-Bit Era"
by John Baughman — Mar 20
Scott, one aside: it's interesting to note that a year and a few months later, this is still a hot(tish) topic. Thanks for the original!

Having been a PC-convert within the last year (over 10 years with PCs), I find the Mac (MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz Core2Duo/4GB RAM) to be far superior to ANY other Intel based PC. AMD, well I'm not too sure just yet, budget is still not allowing any other computing devices for a while.

One of the things that makes the Mac better then the PC is not just hardware. It's also the OS. After purchasing my MacBook Pro with Tiger, I was impressed at that point. Now, with Leopard, this thing screams! Actually utilizing the processor at 64 bits!

I'm still somewhat grounded as an ASP.NET C# developer by day and need that little bit of Windows at night because of some other side job stuff, so Parallels is revived a bit with this new OS, just wish Parallels would run at 64 bits too then I could go with Vista at 64 bits, and drop my Boot Camp partition. (Just in case anyone didn't know, a 64 bit virtual machine would mean higher graphics in a virtual machine - greater than 64MB, possibly 128MB or higher.)

Now... Xcode/Cocoa and iPhone... (yeah, had that before the MacBook Pro.)

By the way, I just subscribed to your feed. Thanks for being my first "official" Mac based feed subscription!
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