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Comment on "Writing Modern Copy for Product Pages"
by lance — Mar 21
"During your screen capture ScreenFlow tracks where your mouse cursor is, when you click and when you press a key."

I do not know ScreenFlow. When it tracks, what is doing the screen capture? I dislike relying on a comma for a list of things that starts with phrase, there can be too much misinterpretation. In this case it seems like something tracks when you click and press a key, but that is probably not the case.

Perhaps ScreenFlow is a screen capture program, or not, but I can not figure out what is doing the screen capture. Perhaps a [the] main feature was absent from the description? I suppose it would be obvious if one knew what ScreenFlow was, but I think I am lacking some critical information. Perhaps it is a plugin for Ambrosia's SnapZ Pro? Is it even an application? I am sorry, but this description is very condensed sounding.
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