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Comment on "Third Edition of Cocoa Programming"
by Steve McFerrin — Apr 25
I have just returned from the Big Nerd Ranch!!! What a joy, Aaron is a class act and an excellent instructor, patient beyond compare. It was funny I was struggling a bit about the time Aaron turned the page over that I was on to show me the quote "This is hard, and you are not stupid.". I have now been home for a week and I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I could have ever gotten on my own. I would highly recommend the new book and also a trip to the "Ranch". It was worth every penny . We were fortunate to have used the new book for out training. BTW we had a great group and a lot of fun. It is a lot of work so be ready if you go.

Thanks for the great info here as well Scott, tidbits from your site here and there and your contributions to Cocoa Dev Central have really help me get over the hump!
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