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Comment on "Visible Borders in Designs"
by Chris Papadopoulos — May 04
Theocacao is really well done and I don't mind that there is a border around the content here. And I think your argument about the way scanning works is pretty sound.

However, I generally prefer content without borders to make the website as thin as reasonably possible. If you include borders, you have to leave some whitespace between the border and the content, making the website a little wider than it has to be.

In many cases, thin websites provide a few advantages that I's easier to have multiple windows open to do more than one thing at a time, it works slightly better on older monitors that surprisingly many non-technical businesses rely on, it's a little easier for your site to be halfway usable on mobile platforms like the iPhone, etc.

Some of these thoughts are elucidated here with some semi-coherent diagrams here if you're interested.
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