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Comment on "Visible Borders in Designs"
by Kirk Gray — May 04
I like a bit of border on pages, especially if there is a lot of text. I hate it when the text is smashed right up against the edge of the windows.

"In his post, Brent mentions this:

"The engineer in me says that the page is already in the browser-window box - another box is just not needed, it's waste."

What if book designers felt this way. "The page already defines the reading space. Why add more to the page?"

Then they would run the text right up next to the edge of the page -- top, bottom, left and right. Sorry. To me that book wouldn't be as comfortable to scan or read. The first thing we learned about page layout was that the most import thing on on the page was the white space -- good use of white space makes a good design, bad use ruins it.
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