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Comment on "Visible Borders in Designs"
by Harvard Irving — May 05
It's all about line length. This site's line length is absolutely perfect, and it makes me able to read a lot faster. They grey borders also have a calming, almost zen effect on my mind. Rarely do I read a website that is such a pleasure to read.

With a variable-width column, the line length would only be good once in a blue moon, by pure coincidence. Most readers aren't going to adjust their browser windows for each site to achieve optimum line length. Most people wouldn't even realize the effect that it has on their reading experience.

Interestingly, when I read Brett Simmons, who complains about this, I almost got a headache reading his blog. The line length was so odd, a little bit too long, but not so long that it's obviously wrong. I think this combined with the choice of a sans-serif font with inappropriate line spacing adds up to a very annoying reader experience.

I think we should keep the engineers away from design.
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