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Comment on "Video for Intro to Cocoa at CocoaHeads"
by Mitch Cohen — May 21
I watched the first half of the main topic video last night (Medium format, I got 587MB down before it timed out, roughly 50 minutes). Great stuff. A very nice crash course in XCode/IB, with a few useful hints thrown in. I'm anxious to watch the rest.

I've always thought entry-level tutorials like this would be helpful to entry-level Cocoa programmers like myself. I'm currently reading the new Hillegass but a human presentation provides a different learning experience. I'm a visual person so this suits me well.

I also watched the intro/demos via Google Video. Good stuff. I grabbed the vidnik source, which I'll play around with later this week.

The download issue is interesting. I attempted downloading the medium version twice yesterday, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. In both cases the download began lightning fast, slowed down around 350MB, then timed out in the mid-500's (587MB, then 559MB). I tried a curl starting at 580MB and it never budged. I don't think it's an issue of the server being slammed - seems more like a problem dealing with large files. I wonder if file splits (either by raw size requiring recombining, or using QuickTime to generate 15 minute segments) would be helpful. Once the torrent is fully seeded this should spread well.
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