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Comment on "Third Edition of Cocoa Programming Available"
by Naseer Khan — May 22
About the book itself, I got it on Friday last week when the release date was Saturday... Amazon pre-order worked...!!!

I've been reading the book (rather scanning it, before preparing to dive in fully). After having done the various tutorials available out there including the most excellent ones by Scott (which were inspired by first edition, I hear), I feel like this material is going to re-inforce that. But I have this small feeling that I wanted this tome to go further to an intermediate level. Maybe Aaron will work on that next. In the meantime, I guess the challenge sections will stand in.

BTW, where's Aaron's blog to address him directly? I didn't know if that was the Nerd Ranch site itself...

Oh, and I agree about having a PDF to go along. I would have paid a little extra since I went in for the book. It's so much better to have electronic searchability...

And Scott, sorry I didn't see your link to Amazon before, else I would've used it. Next time you recommend a book...
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