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Comment on "Video for Intro to Cocoa at CocoaHeads"
by Scott Stevenson — May 24
@Mitch Cohen: Whenever possible we record the video directly out of the laptop (through a transcoder) instead of shooting the screen.

We actually talked about this recently, but made a conscious decision not to do it. I personally think it's incredibly hard to watch a presentation without seeing the person, and recording just the presentation itself seems mostly unnecessary when you can just download the slides.

Obviously, on-screen demos are a factor. We will probably get there eventually, but I think we're already far ahead of where we were just a few months ago. Either way, I'll really try to make an effort to get microphones squared away in the future, since that would help the audio considerably.

@Joe: Not sure if I missed the bus on this, but are you guys taking donations for this, or can I at least buy you a drink?

We don't have any donation stuff setup right now, but I'm sure some folks would take you up on the drink offer at WWDC.

@Brian Stucki We'll put it on a machine in our data center to make sure there's plenty of speed.

Thanks, Brian. Much appreciated.
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