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Comment on "Lazy Loading of KVO Observed Properties"
by mark — May 25
Semantically, the value has not changed. It has simply been retrieved.

This is what the Core Data Programming Guide has to say:

Faults and KVO Notifications

When Core Data faults in an object, key-value observing (KVO) change notifications (see Key-Value Observing Programming Guide) are sent for the objectís properties. If you are observing properties of an object that is turned into a fault and the fault is subsequently realized, you therefore receive change notifications for properties whose values have not in fact changed.

While the values are not changing semantically from your perspective, the literal bytes in memory are changing as the object is materialized. The key-value observing mechanism requires Core Data to issue the notification whenever the values change as considered from the perspective of pointer comparison. KVO needs these notifications to track changes across keypaths and dependent objects.
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