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Comment on "Interview with Aaron Hillegass"
by Kevin Walzer — May 29
One aspect of Cocoa that I've never been able to get my head around is the requirement of putting all the connections and actions and outlets and so on *in the nib file.* From my standpoint, this seems to make it harder to track all this stuff. What if you are more accustomed to writing GUI code by hand, and inspecting your code to find which callbacks/methods/messages are associated with a button? Apple's rigid enforcement of the visual style of GUI development actually increases the learning curve, in my view. It would be nice if Apple provided a text-based approach to coding, as Qt/Trolltech allows--you don't *have* to use the GUI designer.

Apple's approach is analogous to *mandating* that professional web developers use WSYWIG tools in creating websites. Many web developers don't like such tools because the HTML generated by such tools is more bloated than they would write themselves--it also make it harder to do fine-tuning of the HTML.
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