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Comment on "Interview with Aaron Hillegass"
by Jeff LaMarche — May 29
That was a good read, Scott, thanks for posting. It was very interesting, although I thought Aaron came across a little arrogant in a few spots. I know he was just doing the self-promotion thing - being the "businessman" rather than the programmer, which I thought it hurt his credibility a bit... It was like he was trying just a little too hard, which he hardly needs to given his credentials, but he's probably trying to reach the audience of new iPhone developers coming from other platforms who might not be familiar with him or the book, so I should probably cut him some slack :)

@Kevin: Nobody "mandates" that you use Interface Builder. It's the standard way of doing things because it offers a lot of benefits and provides a huge time savings, but there's absolutely no reason why you can't create your interface programmatically without ever touching IB. It results in a lot more code to maintain, but you are absolutely welcome to do it. You can even create Cocoa programs using just a text editor by writing code and creating make files if you really want to. Seriously - I know people who have done it. You have to really learn GCC and the other tools that are being used under the hood by Xcode, but that's your prerogative if you don't want to do it the easy way.
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