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Comment on "Preview of Versions SVN Client"
by Jens Alfke — Jun 01
This is cool, if you use Subversion. But these days I much prefer Mercurial because it's distributed. Instead of requiring one designated central server for a repository, it works equally well with no server or with any number (i.e. multiple people each keeping a copy of the repository.)

What I love is that the cost of making something version-controlled is so low. After I start a new project, I just type "hg init", and blam! that directory is now a self-contained repository. Next "hg addremove" adds all the files, and "hg commit" checks them in. There's no need to configure a server, or set up a filesystem-based repository somewhere else. Then I can copy the repository to another machine, such as my website, with "hg clone". After that, all it takes to sync all my latest changes to the remote repository is "hg push".

(A lot of people like Git, which is conceptually similar. I prefer Mercurial because it's simpler, written in Python instead of fiddly C code, and it's not written by the incredibly egotistical Linus Torvalds.)

Sorry for the digression :) This looks like a great app, I just wish it supported a more modern version-control tool...
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