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Comment on "Preview of Versions SVN Client"
by JongAm Park — Jun 01
Thank you for introducing a good program.

Currently I use the SCPlugIn, which is a SVN tool integrated to the Finder. I tried SvnX before and other CVS tools.

Things I didn't like from tools other than SCPlugIn were :
1. Too small font size
2. Hard to use

The SCPlugIn is quite intuitive because it uses file system metaphore, and thus you can use it directly from the Finder. Actually version control program is to make identical folder structure on a client machine to the ones in the server. So, it is very intuitive if it is integrated to the Finder. On Windows I also use the Tortoise CVS and SVN.

However, if there is one thing missing is that handling of anonymous user. Default password setting for anonymous user is to hit "return" key. However, the SCPlugIn doesn't offer that option an I use console version of SVN for that.

So.. does the VERSIONS support anonymous user with "return" password?

Again, thank you for your great articles posted here in Theocacao and the Cocoa Dev Central. Nowadays there are many books on programming which contains lots of boring text without sample codes, and if they do, there are only some code blocks with which people really don't get how all they fit together. Under this circumstances, your posts are very exceptional. Easy to understand, short but clear description, good sample codes, diagrams and graphics which proves that one picture is better than 1000 words.
Two thumbs up!!!
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