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Comment on "Preview of Versions SVN Client"
by Liam Clancy metafeather — Jun 01
I've also been using svnX up to now and have been following the commentary on Versions to see what is new - I particularly like the emphasis on conforming to the Mac Way of doing things that is indicated in the article/comments e.g. the way of adding svn:ignore properties using Get Info seems so obvious once its stated.

I've also used SCPlugin, XCode, Subclipse, SVNCommander, PySVN, TortoiseSVN (and CVS, Hg), SVN support in BBEdit, plug-ins to Dreamweaver, etc to try to find the best interface but this seems the closest yet to what I want, in combination with something like FileMerge or Changes.

One problem is the overly generic naming when you do get a problems with an app like this though and want to search for help on Google!

@Sanjay Samani: you might like to check out svn-time-lapse-viewer a Java app with something like you describe. Not too pretty though.

@Ref the endless arguments about DVCS vs. SVN - as an advanced user of them all it really seems to come down to a few things:

1. Do .svn/.cvs folders all over the place really annoy you?
2. Do you actually work in a distributed team?
3. Do you work on massive source code trees where speed is really important?
4. Does your preferred code writing tool support your choice?
5. Do you use multiple platforms/OSs?

For general Web/Rails etc development, and users who are not currently using version control at all, these are not really questions related to the audience of an app like Versions, although I'm sure abstraction in the app to add additional VSC support has already been considered.

I'm just glad we will all be able to benefit from a fresh perspective when this is released.
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