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Comment on "Preview of Versions SVN Client"
by semioticmonkey — Jun 01
Well, apart from the git / mercurial / svn / x preference.
Everyone has its merits and, often, you have to use what the PM want to use. So, Amen.

Apart from the TextMate bundle which helps getting commons operations done without switching to another application or terminal.

The problem with Sofa Version is....Sofa itself.
Look at Disco and its stagnant status. Read some comments on MU.
A software is not simply a bunch of code. It is support, updates, critical bug fixes, forums, emails, a blog maybe and the like. Everything helps the user feel that the investment (big or small, doesn't matter) will be protected in the march of time.
In the end who is willing to spend some bucks on a software which can suffer the same disco's fate?

I suggest Sofa to take its time to provide commitment, and stick with it this time.

For me, TextMate has all i need. I will try out this puppy to see if it can speed up my workflow anyway. But i will stand at window looking for clear signals from Sofa.
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