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Comment on "Preview of Versions SVN Client"
by Scott Stevenson — Jun 01
@Jonathan Wight: The screenshots are so cropped as to reveal nothing about the UI

They're actually just thumbnails. If you click on them you get the full window.

All the cool kids (i.e. the ones that blog about this kind of crap) have been away from svn for 6 months now

I didn't write this app, so can't speak to the design decisions made by Sofa/Pico. I know you mean in terms of people talking about using git, Mercurial, and so on, but I think it's moot here because most repositories today are either based on svn or are at least compatible with it.

Basing Versions exclusively on one of the many new scm systems would get a lot of attention from certain groups, but it would also limit its usefulness to the average user (particularly because not everyone gets to choose). If you toss a beachball off the stage at WWDC, chances are pretty good that you'll hit someone who uses subversion.

I also think Versions negates a lot of differences in terms of conveniences. You don't need to configure an svn server because Versions will make a local filesystem-based repository for you, and choosing the "Import" menu item is probably even easier than "hg addremove" as Jens mentioned.

These are just my opinions, of course. I'm sure that Sofa/Pico are receptive to feedback about different systems, but at least wait to use the app before you make a decision. I think it will be available quite soon.
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