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Comment on "Interview with Aaron Hillegass"
by Michael — Jun 05

Do you really feel that Apple snubs the business client with their lack of support for making business objects with Cocoa, or do you think that savvy developers can/should utilize existing C libraries to handle this layer? Or do I just sound naive asking this question? I know they're busy with other stuff like selling music, and they're very successful, but...

I am really interested in knowing what your honest suggestions for hopeful client/server (n-tier) business application developers might be on the Mac platform. I have searched the Cocoa boards for information and frankly, there doesn't seem to be much out there about making connections to databases, developing network stacks, etc. and I'm a bit disappointed by that, but I know it can be done. I have your 2nd edition book and the red Advanced book and have even read most of them - I just need an opportunity to ask the questions in the right forum. I don't live in Cupertino - I live in South Louisiana - just got our first Apple Store a few months ago - and I've been enjoying and recommending the Mac since 2001.

Why don't I want to use Filemaker, you may be asking yourself? My response is that I want to control the interface completely. I want to be able to use all the great Cocoa UI-gui-ness and not be restrained by someone else's idea of a good front-end. I also want the system loosely connected to a centralized database so that if you lose network connectivity by choice or incident, it doesn't hose the whole darned thing. I may also not want to, or be able to, pay the Filemaker developer's tax.

Getting to the point - where can I get some multi-system design architecture development advice for Mac OS X? Core Data, distributed objects, Bonjour, Web Objects, they seem to suggest an architecture...

I've seen the questions posed on the lists - other folks want to use a Core Data-designed client to serve as a local cache and sync the stored data with a centralized database. Possible? Feasible? Recommended?
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