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Comment on "Excellence in Preference Windows"
by Danny Greg — Jun 08
This is an interesting topic, I frankly usually can't stand the UI measures taken by most "Delicious Generation" apps (Disco springs to mind), however in this case it seems to be a genuinely helpful idea.
By this I meant the rendering of the styles so we can see what they all look like at a glance, this saves time and extra steps on the part of the user.
I, however, think that the wallpaper choice is not so spectacular. Its neat but maybe remove the hearts and go with something a bit more standard. Better yet do what Apple does in Icon Composer and use a standard background or even better, the user's current background. Although then you are putting the overall look of the UI out of your hands which would leave me slightly uncomfortable.
I guess my overall impression is what the heck is so special minus the CD cases which is an inspired idea.....
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