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Comment on "Excellence in Preference Windows"
by Guy — Jun 08

Having recently read those same guidelines myself (I'm working on learning Obj-C + Cocoa) I kind of personally assumed that's what style/rule what you were trying to follow.

I think the confusion comes from the "Album Cover on desktop" for me. I honestly don't know what the "right way" would be. If it were me, I would capitalize "Desktop" in that sentence.

I'm not sure Apple's always positive what to do either. Take a look at the Exposť tab/group in the "Exposť & Spaces" section of System Preferences. There's a sentence that ends "[...] or hide all windows to quickly locate a file on your desktop." Then 2 items below that you see a combobox/dropdown/popupbutton with a label saying "Show Desktop:". Both the sentence and the label are referring to the same concept/idea/noun, but in once place you have "Desktop" and the other "desktop." Things like that confuse me.
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