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Comment on "Excellence in Preference Windows"
by Garrett Murray — Jun 12
Can I be honest for a moment and let everyone know that I'm truly, fully sick of hearing people complain about the "delicious generation?" The idea that what Sophia has done here (which, I completely agree with Scott is gorgeous and well thought out) being something we should be avoiding as application designers and developers is a very sad place to be.

It's 2008. We have fast computers, nice user interfaces, and its time we flexed our muscles a bit in the looks department. Saying that just because something has hearts in a background image it shouldn't be done is like saying all pairs of jeans should be two straight legs, blue with 5 pockets. There is room for design. There is room for flair. There is room for flash. Amazingly, it is possible to combine great UI/UX design with great graphical design. Users aren't confused and they appreciate the work done.

We (Mac users) are in a lucky place: We have beautiful hardware that actually runs beautiful and fast and secure software. Complaining that a palette being semi-transparent or hearts in a background of a beautiful preference tab is beginning to make you sound like you're 65 years old and you just don't want things to change. 'Kids with their fancy pants these days' and all.

If an application is thoughtfully designed, usable and fast, I say let's design the crap out of them. Let's make things look great all the time if we can.

Of course, I also have painted walls and things hanging in my apartment. I'm sure commenter #2 Kevin Walzer has square white rooms so as to avoid the "fussy" and "overdesigned" look of today's modern homes.
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