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Comment on "Excellence in Preference Windows"
by Qwerty Denzel — Jun 14
Re labels, I agree with the differentiation of the sentence use vs. titles, but I don't think they have been properly applied in the example UI screenshots shown.
In the first image, the show label has two check boxes following it which use the title case format. As this is really two sentences, I believe it should follow the lowercase format, with the first word capitalise. (Look to Safari's preferences, which uses this style, with the exception of the preposition in being left lowercase).

The key shortcut section uses the title style correctly, as the labels are actions, not sentences. However, I would say the 'Show Song Change Notifications:' (in the 3rd pic) is the start of a sentence, and so should follow the lowercase format.

Overall, I think CoverSutra's preferences seem to be very well done, especially the choice of the Album Cover section as opposed to Appearance, also avoiding the inappropriate use of the generic Appearance System pref pane icon.

One of my pet hates with preference panes is the use of an Options section amongst the others - clearly a sign of not caring.
Oh, and also the putting of general, commonly-used preferences under the advanced section! (such as update-checking.)
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