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Comment on "Excellence in Preference Windows"
by Kevin Walzer — Jun 18

"Of course, I also have painted walls and things hanging in my apartment. I'm sure commenter #2 Kevin Walzer has square white rooms so as to avoid the "fussy" and "overdesigned" look of today's modern homes."

This is an ironic comment, considering that the aesthetic of so many of Apple's products and even packaging veers exactly toward minimalism: a lot of white space, restrained use of logos, etc.

As for the preferences window above, I stand by my earlier comment: I think it's overdone. A preferences window doesn't need this much adornment.

Another point: a lot of these points boil down to matters of taste, as aesthetic debates often do. It's not a matter of "right vs. wrong" so much as "what I like vs. what I don't like." David Hume's essay on taste would make for instructive reading.
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