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Comment on "Thinking Like a Cocoa Programmer"
by Kevin Walzer — Jun 27

Please don't make an entire paragraph bold--it's like using all caps. You come across as shouting to make your point.

To address your broader point:

A good user experience is incredibly important, and I agree that the Mac platform is better than other platforms in this respect--it provides a more consistent, comfortable, and elegant user experience. However, a good user experience is completely orthagonal to the technology used to implement it. A good user experience is one that provides the user's required functionality in a comfortable, pleasant, discoverable environment, and which facilitates rather than hinders the user's work.

Cocoa has no inherent superiority over other frameworks in terms of delivering a good user experience. It all depends on the skill of the developer.

Here's a small list of non-Cocoa applications that provide as good, if not better, user experience as their Cocoa counterparts, in terms of their functionality and design. I first note the non-Cocoa application, and then its closest Cocoa equivalent in parentheses:

Librarian Pro (Delicious Library); Fetch (Transmit); Dreamweaver (Coda); Lightspeed (Checkout); Word 2008 (Pages); Acrobat Pro (Preview); Macintosh Explorer (Path Finder); File Buddy (X-Ray).

Take a look at a few of these apps. You may or may not agree, but my list above reflects my purchasing decision or, at a minimum, evaluation of a demo. In every case, I judged the non-Cocoa application to meet my needs better, or at least as well, as the Cocoa equivalent. This reflects the skill, effort, and attention to detail shown by the developer.
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