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Comment on "Thinking Like a Cocoa Programmer"
by Chris Hanson — Jun 28
I think these qualities are more common in developers working with Cocoa, WebObjects and similar technologies. If you have the qualities that Scott is talking about, or want to develop them, you will use technologies that support you by giving you a lot of great infrastructure and taking care of many of the fiddly little details that you need to get right to truly fit in to the platform.

Here's an example: If you're writing a desktop application for Mac OS X, it should also support a certain subset of the emacs navigation keys in its text fields. If you're using any framework other than Cocoa, you have to do quite a bit of work to get it right and match the behavior of all of the Cocoa applications on the user's system. You can do this work but you are unlikely to do so. Will many of your users notice? Probably not. Will some of them? Yes, and the ones who do will be frustrated daily trying to use your application.
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