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Comment on "Separation of Model and View Web Frameworks"
by Scott Stevenson — Aug 03
@Jeff Watkins: Scott, you don't mention whether your app has to function for visitors with JavaScript disabled

Fortunately, I think we can dictate that JavaScript has to be enabled (I think). Do you have any idea who the folks without JavaScript support are? Clearly Firefox is available for every platform and MobileSafari/WebKit seems to be leading the charge in the mobile space. Do you think these are these folks that have actively disabled JavaScript, or just have incredibly old browsers?

As I've learned more about WebObjects, I've been increasingly disappointed. While it has some of the Cocoa coolness, it's very Web 1.0

It was certainly designed in that era. I think Project Wonder (you can ask Angela about that one) addresses some of that. There's a page on the wiki that mentions an Ajax framework.

I'm far more excited by Jaxxer than Helma, because like you, I don't want a Java environment. Jaxxer is built on SpiderMonkey, which is written in C.

I was skeptical of Jaxer at first, but the web site changed my mind a bit. Until it has object-relational database access, though, it's not even an option for me.
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