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by Scott Stevenson — Aug 03
@Francesco: I'm a Cocoa programmer and i want to buy textmate, my doubt is: textmate is good for cocoa programming or xcode 3 editor is better?

We obviously exchanged emails, but I'll answer here for the benefit of everyone else. For most people, I think Xcode is the way to go, especially when you're just getting started. In addition to refactoring, it has a lot of integration with the frameworks, tools, and the debugger that TextMate doesn't offer. It also has a more comprehensive completion engine than TextMate, and Xcode 3.1 specifically has new features that improve the editor a lot.

That said, I use TextMate a lot in Cocoa projects when I'm in "code writing" mode. I basically give up some conveniences of Xcode to get some features that are unique to TextMate but really help me out in the particular way I work. But until you're really comfortable with Cocoa in general, I think it's much better to just focus on Xcode.

Also, just to be clear, I use Xcode extensively for everything else: debugging, compiling, project organization, and so on.
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