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Comment on "Separation of Model and View Web Frameworks"
by Sean — Aug 03
I think when it comes down to it, any UI component can be viewed, in the academic sense, with the MVC glasses, as to the previous example of the Dialog box, if you open it up you can identify a View, a Controler, and a Model.

For what you are trying to achieve I would suggest that if you approach writing the client web app with MVC and look at the 'server side' as just another mechanism for accessing data i.e. Core Data, File, etc, you can design the web app with MVC. I take this approach when I build Flex apps at work. The Flex app itself relies on MVC, and the server side, which is REST like applies different design patterns as it does not have a UI. This separation of responsibilities helps me apply the correct design where needed and doesn't force me to fit any round pegs into square holes.

A little background on me, I write enterprise applications, some that are very large, and some that have an audience of less than 50, and This approach helps be with designing and building both applications regardless of the technology.
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