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Comment on "Separation of Model and View Web Frameworks"
by fousto — Aug 05
Looking at web development from a non - programmer!! I was able to really get some cool stuff working with WebObjects. Right when I got to a point where I may be able to
create a full blown Web/database app then of course Apple killed the java bridge and all the tools we had all been using. They let it go opensource and have just created a mess for everyone except total gurus. One of the problems I see in the industry is that all the tutorials are fragmented, much of the new technology is also fragmented or changes nightly because someone is always hacking on it. It also seems that everything made to work on Microsoft ends up having too many issues to deal with. Java seems to be sooooo ungodly huge that one can program in several directions and end up with the same result. Making tutorials almost impossible. So my point is that Apple has been very successful creating their entire system around Cocoa. The last pre-java release of Webobjects was 4.5 which was totally objC. (cocoa) It was nice when it only worked on Apple which is now why Apple should update it to CocoaWO and let the best ever web dev program live on.

Currently you can go back in time via SOPE or GNU/Step/Web which are trying to keep that dream alive. It is all objc

I have been playing with Netbeans Visual Web lately and have been making so progress. It is still not up to Webobjects but at least headed in the right direction.
I will begin with the database shortly and that should be quite interesting.

Dreamweaver was fun to play with as it has been around long enough for people to write tutorials that make sense for non-gurus. Currently my understanding is to do a database connect you would have to learn coldfusion or be quite proficient in Java.
Apparently the Gui tools die when you get to the db. I am not done looking at this so if anyone knows the best way to connect dreamweaver to a database please tell me.

There are several cool programs out that will let you visually design you pages and write all the HTML but once the word “dynamic” shows up the fun ends. For Mac users Stone’s Create program is one of the coolest out there and can built a total static website with NO programming.
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