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Comment on "Separation of Model and View Web Frameworks"
by Elmar — Aug 11
I know that there probably wonīt be a lot of love for this as it is based on ASP.NET but the simplest Web Development Model that I ever worked with is VWG.

It just works, has AJAX backed in for every operation and itīs base is OpenSource. No client side scripting or WebFormControls that need to be wired up with AJAX - all you do is write C# Backend-Code.

Sure it abstracts pretty much everything away from the developer but it makes web development simple, consistent and much faster. Not suited for every project and probably more suited for projects that imitate traditional desktop apps.

It uses the concept of empty clients which means that it treats the client as an empty shell and really just renders a dumb view that only knows how to talk back to the server to request a view change.

All UI design is done by simple element drag&dropping in the VisualStudio environment. As far as I know it also works with the free versions of VisualStudio.

I did several enterprise projects using this and I can say that it makes creating complex Web apps child play - at least compared to the usual PHP/Java/ASP.NET stuff.
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