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Comment on "Kodak Zi6 Review"
by Adam — Aug 21
I got mine two nights ago and have had only a bit of a chance to play with it. My first impressions:

Feels very cheap. My fujifilm consumer still camera has a nice metal body, feels solid. This feels like it could come apart.

The joystick adds to that feeling. It looks like I should be able to click to either side of it, but instead you tilt the joystick.

BUT! Taking video is way easy. I like that it saves as .mov (I haven't tried editing it in iMovie or Final Cut, but here's hoping it opens the files natively) A small nice thing is there is no 'red light' when it's recording, so besides the loud sound, people are unaware you're recording, which, perverted things aside, has it's advantages.

The quality seems okay, but you need ALOT of light. Like Noonish daylight lots of light. I feel like having this in a bar I'd need to carry a flashlight with me.

I'm curious to see how good of video it can get with proper lighting.

o - one other thing, no mic in, which is to be expected, but it seems to pick up sound okay if you speak at it.
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