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Comment on "Separation of Model and View Web Frameworks"
by Scott Stevenson — Aug 21
@roamy: David Phillip Oster says you can write the entire "ebay" application in Cocoa as a web enabled app and just deploy it on OSX Servers and it would work?

I'm not sure what you mean by "just deploy it on OS X Servers". You can absolutely write a Cocoa desktop app that talks to a server, and a lot of people do that. You also technically can write a Cocoa app which acts as a server (running on Mac OS X Server, for example), but it's far less common. It's fine for internal or test apps, but I don't think many people use it like that in a production environment.

You can create apps in other language/framesworks that call out into the Apple frameworks, though. Red Artisan has an article on using Core Image from a Rails app.
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