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Comment on "Kodak Zi6 Review"
by Scott Stevenson — Aug 26
@Davyo: When watching ALL the other post of test footage from the Zi6 you might notice that its all footage shot outside in perfect lighting

Absolutely. The camera is clearly designed for sunlight or strong indoor light. Based on a few samples I've seen, the Flip seems to do better in low light. If that's your most important consideration, then my guess is you want the Flip. I'm not as sure about image stabilization because I can't find any claims that the Flip actually has that as a feature.

Even the HD issue aside, the Flip can't expand beyond the built-in 2GB of storage or 60 minutes of recording. The Zi6 can expand up to 32GB of storage. If you're more likely to record lengthy presentations in a conference room, the format and storage space could be a lot more valuable than support for dim lighting.

I also think the Zi6 does a substantially better job with white balance and color saturation in daylight. Compare the same video in Zi6 to the Flip Ultra (posted by John Gruber). To my eye, the Zi6 is noticeably better. Again, this is in daylight but I'd rather optimize for the most likely cases.

In general, neither device is meant to be a complete replacement for a higher-end HD camcorder, which will almost universally provide better picture, features, and so on.
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