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Comment on "Core Animation for Kiosk Apps"
by Benedikt Terhechte — Sep 02
Core Animation as well as the whole Mac OS X graphics stack are more than well-suited for big-screen applications. We develop digital signage software running on OS X because the options for doing intensive graphics stuff are stellar - compared to other operating systems. We started on Linux (and one of our customers, Mercedes-Benz, still uses the Linux version) but switched to OS X about 3 years ago due to the great possibilities. This allows us to ship a product which is (mostly) way beyond the competition (which usually uses Windows XP or, in some cases, Linux) although we're a rather small team.
And, just as you mentioned, the fact that one doesn't need to care about help-files, menu's or interactivity really speeds the development process and aids in concentrating on graphical effects instead. :)

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