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Comment on "Kodak Zi6 Review"
by bobxxx — Sep 04
Hmmm again a another cool device that sounds like it really only geared to the small fringe of apple fans which is really a bummer. Because h264 usually runs, downloads and looks like crap on pcs. One reason I like the flip it is in AVI and I dont have to use the god awful crapple oops apple quick slime opps time to view the excessive compress h264 video. Why kodak did choose h264 when 95% of the world uses the pc? Weird bummer of a choice. And the flip ultra ( video looks better to me and the buttons are easier to use) takes awsome night time video yet still produces excellent video in bright sunlight or dim light indoor video. Yes the resolution is lower but the over all image quality is better and the fact it can handle all kinds different of light enivorments well seems to still put the flips in the lead? I dont know the cheaper flip ultra still seems the better deal unless I seem more video that shows ZI 6 is as flexable as the flip.
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