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Comment on "Core Animation for Kiosk Apps"
by neuro — Sep 05
great tut Scott,
but again it is too advanced to me , I'm still reading the aaron book (i started reading it two months ago) , and again it is difficult to grasp for beginners people like myself . After looking around , i found the "become an xcoder" it is great introduction but it is not enough to make me ready for Aaron book , then i found your tut in and i loved it for quite some time until you skipped things all the way to the advanced issues i.e quartz and screen savers : ( . I need more basic tutorials please , because i want to be a mac developer. the problem here in riyadh that there is no body that have ever heard about cocoa . but i really want to be a mac developer , did i say it loud enough?! , so how did you become a mac developer yourself? as far as i now that you were a websites designer, is that right?.

If you thing that by reading my post I'm not that kind of person that is gonna make it you must tell me now so i will stop nagging and bin Aaron's book .
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