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Comment on "First Look at Cappuccino and Objective-J"
by Scott Stevenson — Sep 05
@Steven Degutis: I've looked into the source and CGPath and CGContext are very full-featured right now

Yeah, you're right. There's a wide range of CGPath functions in there.

For example, my website could benefit with some simple Core Animation to "expand" categories on the side and display the screenshot thumbnails in a Collection View

As Mason suggests above, I think one of the existing JavaScript libraries like dojo or something would probably work better for that. Cappuccino might be overkill.

@Mason: but here's how I think of it: Objective-J and Cappuccino bring the niceties of Obj-C/Cocoa to web development

Well said.

I'm 99% sure Objective-J supports KVC/KVO

I see that comment as well, but I can't find the key KVO method names in the source, such as -observeValueForKeyPath:. Also, we'd still need the actual KVB implementation to make bindings work, but it does look like they're planning to do something here.
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