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Comment on "First Look at Cappuccino and Objective-J"
by Nick Caldwell — Sep 07
(this is me, beating a dead horse again) I'm terrible at browsing API documentation but I can't see anything that indicates the framework hooks into an OS's accessibility system. If the Cappuccino application is entirely generated in the browser through complex javascript, I'd assume the result will simply be a blank page for a typical screen reader app. Not good.

Accessibility needs to be baked in from inception, not added as an afterthought. I thought that was generally understood by now, but instead it looks like we've got a whole new generation of rocket surgeons to educate.

The home page hype would certainly suggest that these guys want to become the kings of browser-based application development. They're not going to get far without support for legally mandated (in Australia, at least) accessibility support.
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