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Comment on "First Look at Cappuccino and Objective-J"
by Russell — Sep 07
@Scott: I think many existing Mac programmers would probably prefer the Cocoa-based solution. I do, at least.
I think you're right, mac programmers would definately prefer a framework based on their language of choice, Objective-C. I guess I was speaking as someone who develops both Java and Objective-C apps, and who has looked at both frameworks. The Google one I use day to do, and yes it integrates very well with existing pages, as I often use it to write small 'widgety' type components that sit somewhere on an existing page.

I guess having looked at both, my personal choice is GWT, for performance, size of deployed code, and robustness. It's nice to have a choice though. I'll leave it at that, otherwise I'm starting to sound like some kind of fanboy...
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