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Comment on "First Look at Cappuccino and Objective-J"
by Scott Stevenson — Sep 08
@rd: Few years later, we are doing the same bloody thing
just now with JavaScript

I do see what you're getting at, but the Cocoa-Java client approach was a far more complex, heavyweight solution. For that reason, I'm not sure it was really ever intended to be deployed in the context of actual public web sites as much as internal admin/enterprise apps (though I could be wrong about this). From my memory, the suggestion was to use HTML-based interfaces for public sites.

I also think the Cocoa API greatly benefits from being hosted by a dynamic language, and the fact that Cappuccino is backed by JavaScript is essentially an implementation detail anyway. You're effectively programming in Objective-C.

because there is no way people will use this when normal browser
functions are disabled

Not sure what you mean. Could you elaborate? If you're referring to capturing key events, I just found out that's easy to disable.

@Andr Pang: if OpenGL were a standardised JavaScript extension. World of Warcraft in your browser

Don't see why not offhand, though OpenGL is just one part of the equation. I think you'd need access to a bunch of native stuff to get solid performance. Another option is to pre-render on the server side.
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