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Comment on "First Look at Cappuccino and Objective-J"
by britt — Sep 10
Heh... I find it kind of ironic that the environment that hosted the first web browser is now being implemented inside the web browser...

It occurs to me that something that ought to be done is compiled code caching at the browser level; as the size of applications grow, I can see having to do a build of the app locally for every invocation of it starting to get annoying...

And, of course, somebody needs to whip up something IB-like.

About screen readers -- I just switched on Voice Over, and it doesn't read any HTML in FireFox 3 (no matter the site), but it mostly works in Safari, and I did try it on 280 Slides. The major issue that I found was that the large text boxes seem to be broken up by character (perhaps as an artifact of the glyph layout that Cappuccino is doing). The other smaller text in 280 Slides was read fine.
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