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Comment on "First Look at Cappuccino and Objective-J"
by Tom Robinson — Sep 13
@brit: Heh... I find it kind of ironic that the environment that hosted the first web browser is now being implemented inside the web browser...

It occurs to me that something that ought to be done is compiled code caching at the browser level; as the size of applications grow, I can see having to do a build of the app locally for every invocation of it starting to get annoying...

(I'm one of the Cappuccino devs)

There are a couple things that address those issues. First of all, we can do the preprocessing once ahead of time right before you deploy. The in-browser preprocessing is mostly a convenience for developers.

Second, we're working on a way to share the frameworks across all Cappuccino applications, so you load it the firs time, and it's cached from then on (like how Google hosts Prototype, Dojo, etc)
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