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Comment on "First Look at Cappuccino and Objective-J"
by Roger Purves — Sep 19
to Scott:

You really made me laugh at my own foolishness. As you gently point out, I was deluding myself.

I think it happened as follows. In general, I enjoy dragging more than clicking, and I think I dragged in earlier versions of the puzzle. So when I first tried this one, I dragged--or thought I did. The movement of the mouse pointer and the slightly later movement of the piece gave me the illusion of dragging. But, as you say, it was simply the release of the mouse button that caused the piece to move into position.

(Actually, the delusion went further. I discovered the single click on my own, and concluded the programmers had thoughtfully provided two ways to move pieces--the click or the drag. I was grateful for the latter option, because it better mimics the old plastic puzzles.)

Still, I would like to try an application (in the framework) which allowed a user to drag things. Then I could compare the quality of the drag (in the framework) with the quality of the drag on the OS X desktop.

Thank you for your quick (and tactful) reply.

Roger Purves
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