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Comment on "First Look at Cappuccino and Objective-J"
by Tom Robinson — Sep 28

You have to remember that while Cappuccino is meant for creating applications, you are still developing for the web, not the desktop, so the requirements for database support, etc is different from desktop applications. All communication with the backend must occur over HTTP, and the server needs to handle authentication and authorization, etc.

Typically you'll have a backend written in your server-side technology of choice (Rails, PHP, Django, WebObjects, ASP.NET, etc) which manages auth, etc, and sends the appropriate data encoded in JSON or XML to the Cappuccino-based frontend.

Cappuccino itself will likely always be predominately server agnostic, meaning you can use whatever server-side technology you like, as long as it speaks HTTP (that's a limitation of the browser, not Cappuccino)

That said, it would be great if there was something that made writing Cappuccino applications with x, y, and z server technologies even easier, preferably in a generic way.

We've also been talking about bringing some sort of CoreData-like technology to Cappuccino, which would be cool.

If anyone has ideas regarding these things, or you want to help out in implementing them, we'd love to talk (join us on IRC or the mailing list)
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