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Comment on "Kodak Zi6 Review"
by Warren — Oct 02
Wow, I am glad I found this review. so many 'pro' people complaining about low-lighting. This is a nice DIGITAL video cam! I love what I saw on this video - the bubbles in the water!!! And RIPPLES!

I AM buying this from RadioShack today, it will be my stand in for my Sony TRV525 Digital Video8 Hi8 (tape) handycam.

My ONLY quim with the Zi6 is "Can it have video deviced input to it and record that videos." Example: Can I connect my Xbox360 to it to record my video game footage directly to the unit?"

For a camera like this under $300, it is a true value for the money, storage, any AAA Battery technology, ease of use portability.

Good job Kodak, you're back on MY map!
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