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Comment on "Core Animation Isn't Just for Animation"
by Gabriele de Simone — Oct 08
I hate to sound like I am against such a cool new technology (because overall I love it) but there is one reason NOT to use Core Animation for UI. I've noticed that when any text is drawn in a CA-backed layer, it is not anti-aliased using sub-pixel algorithm for LCD screens. This is the algorithm that takes advantage of the relative positioning of RGB emitters in each pixels to try and squeeze more perceived resolution out of an LCD panel.

In plain English, text rendered in a CA-backed layer will not look the same (as sharp, good-looking) as any other non-CA text on screen (e.g. the menubar). This can be ugly if you have parts of your window that are CA-backed and parts that are not.

I would hate to be wrong about this, if there's any way of turning on the higher-quality text anti-aliasing algo for CA-backed layers, let me know :-)
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